Youmanity Matters

The Youmanity Matters channel is intended to give individuals as well as companies a platform to pass on a positive message to the world. Be it regarding the relation between respective activities and all things Humanity Matters, or simply out of conviction that positive messages and thoughts can just do a lot of good.


Duration options & pricing scale:

Up to 3 minutes                                                  CHF.  55.00

From 3 minutes >> 5 minutes                      CHF.  70.00

From 5 minutes >> 10 minutes                   CHF.  95.00

Inclusive of Swiss V.A.T. 7.70 %

Standard regular billing. Payment only via bank transfer. IBAN coordinates will be communicated upon receipt of written confirmation to post a video to  Subject: Youmanity Matters


We will need to display at the start of the video:

Full name

Rhapsodic title of the video

Email address


By posting a video you are entitled to a rebate on our garments. 

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